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Transformational self-leadership

Unleashing the power of a learning organisation through encouraging a collaborative and creative culture, driven by unique individual empowerment, self-leadership and shared values

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Our approach

The majority of a company’s assets walk out the door at 5pm. The people are the business and yet we focus on KPI and deadlines.

If we are to approach people in a new way, the focus would be on relationship management and in depth people understanding and the deadlines reach themselves.

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Our vision

We support a company’s true potential by placing learning and development at the core.

With the unique concept of blending personal and professional development for individual and business results.

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Our belief

We believe that leadership development is actually personal development; it all starts within.

If we are not able to balance our own mind and heart first, how can we lead and manage teams? We would always have conscious or subconscious subjectivity, have inability to deal with our time, stress or workload and this would impact the wider organisation.

Understanding yourself and others

Understanding yourself first and the basic difference between others leading to individual unique character is the key to transformational self leadership

through self reflection, developing a growing orgnisation built on creative self leadership with entrepreneurial spirit, leaving people filled with optimism, room to be creative and the element of freedom as a fundamental human desire

Developing leadership through workshops and talks

  • Management/ Leadership Training or other staff:
  • Talent and their need for personal development
  • Insights (colour psychometrics) based on the Jungian philosophy
  • Mind and Body connection
  • The power of positive thinking
  • The importance on the right mind-set/ energy towards people for success and the impact it creates
  • Culture understanding
  • New Manager confidence building (newly promoted or about to be) or transfers
  • New Managers to Dubai
  • Motivating employees
  • Next step (promotion through positive mind-set)
  • The importance of feedback and the balance
  • 70:20:10 philosophy with examples
  • NLP and coaching (or without) and/ or various tools and methods for wellness

Metaphorical speeches and linking to mindfulness

  • Using the body as a metaphor for the organisation
  • Using a car as a metaphor for the subconscious mind
  • Speech on ‘Waves’ being metaphor for life and positive thinking
  • Speech on healing in the metaphor of knots in a necklace
  • Speech on friendship through the metaphor of birds
  • Speech on taking the plunge with the metaphor of getting into a hot bath
  • Speech on the road and the other cars as a metaphor for the journey of life
  • The power of belief: how to execute ideas without necessarily being a manager
  • short speeches on any of the above/ below

What we do and how we help you

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Building learning organisations through the 70:20:10 methodology through L & D teams or direct with managers

If we are to approach people in a new way, the focus would be on relationship management and in depth people understanding and the deadlines reach themselves.

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L & D specific


L & D strategy

L & D reporting to top management

Train the Trainer (beginners level)

Managing Behavioural characteristics in the classroom (intermediate level) ISD

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Leadership retreats

For leadership retreats we focus on blending personal and professional development

We do this through increasing self awareness of the self and others to lead effectively

Locations include the UK and overseas such as Spain, Dubai, Sri Lanka. Details can be discussed direct.

Nicola Wagstaff International Conference Speaker

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Key company profiles

  • LG Electronics
  • Chalhoub (Sephora, L’Occitane, Dior, Swarovski, LV, Chanel...)
  • Inspire & Rewire

Corporate Learning Week, Middle East

Corporate Learning Week, Middle East


Leadership Development and Talent Transformation

Leadership Development and Talent Transformation:



UAE: +971 50 600 6765

(Based on Dubai when visiting UAE and surrounding countries)

UK: +447421 996393

(Based in UK, Chester, Cheshire)